April 15, 2014 — San Diego, CA — QFX001 LLC announced today the granting by the US Patent Office of the company’s first patent.  The patent covers QFX001’s proprietary expandable gas storage technology platform, a new building block for OEM’s and energy companies.

“We are really excited. The potential is enormous for engineers and industrial designers to use this innovation and dramatically increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and develop new products in multiple industries. It’s a game-changing building block in high technology,” said QFX001 CEO, Randall Hughes.

The patent covers QFX001’s proprietary expandable gas storage technology, including the method of creating new advanced geotextile composites (Q-Tek™) that can withstand storage of gases at very high pressure. The technology is initially targeted to be utilized in the air compressor, gas cylinder, air vehicle, and compressed air energy storage markets.

QFX001’s patented technology will allow the creation of ultra-light, ultra-strong, hybrid geo-textile composites, which will then be manufactured into expandable tanks. These tanks can be utilized in the design of new products that bring innovation to multiple industries, including but not limited to the air compressor, gas cylinder, air vehicle, and energy storage markets.

The new composite is anticipated to reduce weight up to 40%, and space savings of 75%. By eliminating the majority of the resin currently used in composites, the benefits are endless both from a design and costs savings level. The company predicts raw material freight savings to be in excess of 30%. As fuel costs continue to be very volatile, the patent will lend itself as a natural hedge against a portion material costs that are currently out of the hands of OEM’s.

“We are enthusiastic about realizing the potential of this new technology,” said Paul Cruz, Chief Scientist at QFX001 LLC. “We plan to selectively partner with best in class companies in the composites space, as well as OEM’s in targeted industries, in order to maximize the potential our technology can bring to the industry.”

QFX001 has 5 additional patents pending for application and utility of the company’s method patent. Exciting areas of pioneering and exploration of the technology within the medical and industrial gas industry are on the horizon.

The QFX001 LLC patent #8690004, is also published as International Patent Application No 20060101

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QFX001 LLC is a division of Q Factory 33 LLC.  Q Factory 33 LLC tackles the most formidable challenges across industries that are starved for innovation and provides patentable solutions through collaboration, innovative engineering and design.

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