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Extensive calculations based on NEC Guidelines deliver backfeed power production boosts of a minimum 600% per installation, affording installers a competitive edge that saves thousands in soft and hard costs in both residential and commercial applications.

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) October 21, 2014

In a global debut that has a current of excitement running among the 16,000 energy industry professionals gathered at Solar Power International this week, the technology innovators at Q Factory 33today introduced the B3 Bypass(TM) – the solar industry’s first Bus Bar Bypass, a backfeed device that exponentially enhances the yield of solar solutions by safely and legally bypassing the 120% power production capacity rule of Article 690 of the National Electrical Code (NEC).

The B3 Bypass is a game-changing revenue tool not just for residential and commercial solar, but residential and commercial wind, fuel cells, generators, batteries and storage, electrical safety, clean transportation, motor vehicle safety, machinery, industrial manufacturing and more. Extensive calculations based on NEC Guidelines deliver improved backfeed power production potential of a minimum 600% per installation.

The B3 Bypass helps companies dramatically cut costs in planning, cash flow analysis, elimination of permitting processes, site visits and the labor, liability and equipment costs associated with installation of breaker box upgrades.

“What impresses me about this solution is the simplicity of the idea for the benefit it gives,” notes Dr. Clark Guest, Professor Emeritus, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, University of California at San Diego (UCSD).

“The B3 Bypass represents one of those ideas where everyone who encounters it says, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ It’s a ‘missing element’ solution that can bypass a great many of the soft and hard costs associated with scalable energy production while accelerating exponential gains in energy output,” Guest added.

The applications for the B3 Bypass are virtually limitless among renewable energy solutions constrained by the available breaker panel — and thus the amount of power that can be generated (or stored). The beauty of the B3 is that without the expense of replacing an entire breaker panel, business and property owners can commission the installation of as many solar modules or wind turbines as he/she wants — for a fraction of the cost. It has the capacity to save residential solar installers between $2,000 and $5,000 per installation. Its commercial applications eliminate lineside AC connections, more commonly known as sideline taps.

The product supports both existing and new installations in the residential, commercial and government space.

“The savings to all who deploy the B3 are immediately quantifiable,” said Q Factory 33 President and CEO Randy Hughes. The B3 isn’t a ‘secret sauce’; it’s a weapon that will enable whoever uses it to dominate in the installation space. There’s no other technology that can make up for the gains the B3 Bypass delivers,” Hughes said. “If you hold this advantage over your competition, you’re going to win every time.”

The Q Factor

The Q in Q Factory 33 symbolizes the inventor and innovation wing of the fictional British Secret Service in the James Bond films. But the value of this technology is far from fictional. The Q Factor behind the B3 Bypass is the custom benefit that businesses can realize using the device.

“The B3 Bypass represents an innovation with wide and deep applications across a broad spectrum of industry,” added Q Factory 33’s Hughes. “We’re at Solar Power International this week to introduce this technology, to inspire industry executives to consider how the B3 Bypass can contribute to their revenue goals (their custom Q Factor) and to take orders for our inaugural production run, slated for early 2015,” he said. Hughes said that two production facilities have been identified, and that the B3 Bypass will be made in the USA.

Q Factory 33’s B3 Bypass manifests the quintessence of this year’s Solar Power International show theme: The Power of Solar Is Exponentially Better!

Visit Q Factory 33 and Q-llaborate with team behind the break-through B3 Bypass at Solar Power International, booth 3412. Don’t pass them by!

About Q Factory 33: Q Factory 33 is a California-based technology incubator whose team delivers patented, missing element solutions to address the public and private sectors’ most formidable mechanical and electrical engineering, industrial design and energy market challenges. Q Factory 33 helps companies optimize efficiencies and revenue opportunities in renewable energy, remote grid management, batteries and storage, electrical safety, clean transportation, motor vehicle safety, machinery, industrial manufacturing and more. Be inspired at (or for electric inventions).

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